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Script to Create A Database File Per Processor

The Need The best practice from Microsoft is to generally have 1 database file per processor on a dedicated disk. The files should be set large enough so that they meet your growth estimates for a good 6 months,  if you can afford the space.  I should warn you that there is some debate on … Continue reading

Lead Blockers

I use this query on a daily basis, it will quickly identify the lead blocking queries along with the blocking tree. NJOY! —————————— — Blocking Tree — Get lead blockers — LDGALLER (C) 2012 —————————— drop table #Processes go SELECT s.spid, BlockingSPID = s.blocked, DatabaseName = DB_NAME(s.dbid), s.program_name, s.loginame, ObjectName = OBJECT_NAME(objectid,s.dbid), Definition = CAST(text AS VARCHAR(MAX)) … Continue reading