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Job_ID to Job_Name

I have a blocking alert in place that sends me the following data regarding the blocker if the blocker is a job. SQLAgent – TSQL JobStep (Job 0xECBCC3DD8EE8E8458CF19641D0EA2EB4 : Step 1) I also include the command executed by the step and some addition details like database, all useful information. What about drilling into the job … Continue reading

Underestimating the power of poor I/O

This will be a quick post. For about a year I have been alerting the powers that be of the poor I/O  on one of my production systems. The server seemed constantly poised on the brink of over utilization. Of course the poor I/O wasn’t helping matters but some of the other symptoms of the … Continue reading

Troubleshooting Performance Problems in SQL Server (Part 2: CPU – Top Consumers)

A CPU bottleneck can be caused by many factors such as  lack of sufficient hardware resources, incorrect parallelism settings, hyper threading settings,  inefficient queries , etc. However, the most common reason for excessive CPU utilization is bad query design. Query tuning,  addressing any application design factors, and optimizing the system configuration can in most cases … Continue reading

Database Migrations (Moving to a new Server)

Over the past several weeks I have had the honor of migrating several production servers to new SAN. Obviously constituting many “all nighters” and normally over the weekends. So clearly the quickest migration method is in everybody’s best interest. I ended up utilizing two methods, Detach\Attach and Backup\Restore.  In terms of preference I would lean … Continue reading