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Troubleshooting Performance Problems in SQL Server (Part 3: CPU – Excessive Query Compilations)

Query compilation and optimization consumes a lot of resources, especially hard hit is CPU. Obviously these costs go up with the complexity of the query. Depending on design even a simple query can consume 20 milliseconds of CPU time. You can see how this can quickly add up and effect overall system performance. This is … Continue reading

Could not obtain information about Windows NT group/user ‘username’, error code 0xffff0002

Error Creating a publication in SQL 2000 As luck would have it, and as is very common in a DBA’s life, I get a call right before I had planned to leave for the day “There is data missing from a replicated table”. I immediately check the replication monitor and see no errors or latency … Continue reading

Adding Files To A Database (Continued)

In a recent post I wrote about an adventure I had migrating several servers\databases to new EVA SAN storage and the incredible performance gains I saw. I also have a recent post with a script to add files to a database based on the number of processors. This post touches on both. On one of … Continue reading