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IntelliSense Not Working in Management Studio

IntelliSense not working in your management studio? Here are a few settings to check. 1)Make sure that IntelliSense is enabled for Management Studio under: Tools > Options > Text Editor > Transact-SQL > IntelliSense 2)Make sure that IntelliSense is enabled for the current query window by checking: Query > IntelliSense Enabled menu option (it should … Continue reading

Using PowerShell in a SQL Server Job

This is a quick post on integrating PowerShell into a SQL Server agent job. I wanted to create an automated process to backup jobs on a weekly basis. I figured probably the easiest approach would be to use SMO and the scripting object. The I set upon writing a quick C# script and then I … Continue reading

Replication Settings Not Fully Removed From A Database or How to Clean Up Replication Bits

I had set up replication on a database that was later removed from replication. The database was still active just the need to replicate was gone. I dropped the publication and subscriptions and thought all was fine. As it turns out that does not complete the job. The replication bits are not fully removed from … Continue reading

Delegating XP_CMDSHELL (Without Giving Away the Farm)

I recently had a requirement for an application account to run a stored procedure that utilized xp_cmdshell. The first question is can the functionality be accomplished without enabling xp_cmdshell, unfortunately not. The next question was OK, now how to do that without granting sysadmin to the application service domain account. Here’s what I came up … Continue reading