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Find All Deployed SSRS Reports That Reference A Particular String

As all too often occurs you have a need to change the data type of a field used in the data model. For example lets say that the field in question is an integer in the source database but represents an account number. The users now have a requirement to support alphanumeric account numbers. Making … Continue reading

SQL SERVER – Query to Find Column From All Tables in a Database

I’ve run this query thousands of times and thought I would post it. I have a script the will search all objects in a database for a string including jobs and ssis packages, I will post that one soon.   USE YourDatabaseGOSELECT t.name AS table_name,SCHEMA_NAME(schema_id) AS schema_name,c.name AS column_nameFROM sys.tables AS tINNER JOIN sys.columns c … Continue reading

Kill a Session, SPID or Connection to Analysis Services V2.0

I had a recent post regarding finding and killing SPIDS in SSAS. This post just provides some additional MDX & XMLA queries to identify and kill processes at various levels. What I have found is that sometimes it is not enough to kill the SPID, you must go higher and kill the Connection (CID) or … Continue reading

Finding and killing SSAS Sessions

If you have a reasonably large Analysis Services implementation then you have probably run into problems with long-running queries. While longer-running queries may be acceptable in many data warehousing implementations, there will occasionally be a query (maybe even more than one ) that causes resource issues and runs beyond the established limits of reason for … Continue reading