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SSIS – Display Variable Value in a Script Task

Sooner or later, you will need to debug the variable values in your SSIS package when something is not working as expected. With SSIS you have many choices when it comes to debugging your variables, breakpoints, stepping over, stepping in, the local or watch windows, etc. However sometimes you just want a quick and simple … Continue reading

Quick & Dirty – Blocking Query Resolution

This technique should be used in extreme emergencies only. It involves identifying the lead blocker and killing his session. Killing transactions can be damaging to your server, so do not use this method without fully understanding the ramifications of what you are doing; there are other (and safer) ways. Lets say that there is an … Continue reading

Concurrency and NOLOCK

There is generally confusion over the effect of the NOLOCK query hint and locking in general when selects are run. A SELECT in SQL Server will place a shared lock on a table row – and a second SELECT would also require a shared lock, and those are compatible with one another. So no – … Continue reading