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SQL Server, T-SQL

Batch Large Deletes

A common issue with large DML operations, like deletes, is the impact on system resources especially tempdb. Even in simple mode large delete operations can have a significant impact on your database & tempdb resources.

I often use the following code to batch my delete operations utilizing the t-sql windowing function capabilities (You could always use GROUP BY and HAVING cnt > 1):

SET @r = 1;
WHILE @r > 0
   DELETE TOP (5000) del FROM
   (select *, rn=row_number() over (partition by [Office],preparer order by [Office],Preparer)
    FROM [Database].[Schema].[YourTable]) del
    where rn > 1;
    SET @r = @@ROWCOUNT;
    CHECKPOINT;    — if simple
    — BACKUP LOG … — if full

This code is relatively efficient, fast and works well.

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