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SSAS – Error 0xE0040200

I have received this error many times, just infrequently, and every time I get it I spend 30 minutes researching it. While working on an SSAS project today, I was scripting out some dynamic MDX date calculations in the cube. I was able to browse but as soon as I drilled down to a particular date, I received this very non-descript error:

Error when browsing cube in BIDS or SSMS

After doing some research… AGAIN!…, I eventually discovered\remembered that if I clicked the “Show Empty Cells” icon (seen below), the error went away.

Show empty cells

My calculations appeared to be working correctly, and had no issues at certain levels of the hierarchy. This error would appear to some kind of bug in the cube browser in SSMS and BIDS. If you connect to the cube via Excel and browse the cube using a Pivot Table, you can successfully browse the cube without any issues. It is my hope that this post will save you (and myself) the 30 minutes I spent trying to figure out what heck was going on.


Bon Appetite


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