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SSAS: Errors in the metadata manager

Can not Open, Browse, Process, Rename or Delete a Cube and\or SSAS cube database Recently I had received notification from one of my developers that they could not process a cube after a deployment. So the first thing I tried to do is recreate the issue and tried to process the cube but no cubes … Continue reading

The Best SQL Server Performance Monitor Counters to Analyze

Here is a basic list of essential performance counters to look at when evaluating  baseline SQL Server performance These are listed OBJECT first, then COUNTER Memory – Available MBytes Paging File – % Usage Physical Disk – Avg. Disk sec/Read Physical Disk – Avg. Disk sec/Write Physical Disk – Disk Reads/sec Physical Disk – Disk … Continue reading

Minimizing Deadlocks

Deadlocking is the bane of a DBA’s existence and although deadlocks cannot be completely avoided, they can be greatly reduced with some understanding and  forethought. There are certain coding conventions can minimize the chance of generating a deadlock. Minimizing deadlocks can increase transaction throughput and reduce system overhead because fewer transactions. Deadlocks are extremely expensive: … Continue reading