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SSAS: Errors in the metadata manager

Can not Open, Browse, Process, Rename or Delete a Cube and\or SSAS cube database

Recently I had received notification from one of my developers that they could not process a cube after a deployment. So the first thing I tried to do is recreate the issue and tried to process the cube but no cubes were listed. So I then attempted the old tried and true reprocessing of the entire cube database. Immediately a message pops up telling me there is an error with the metadata manager. Hmmm so what next? I’ll rename the database I thought and try to redeploy the project, same issue, ok I’ll delete the database and redeploy, same issue. See the pattern here.

Then I looked closer at the error message.

Errors in the metadata manager. The dimension with ID of XYZ, Name of ‘QRS’ referenced by the ‘ABC cube, does not exist.
Errors in the metadata manager. An error occurred when loading the Marketing Analytics cube, from the file, ‘\\?\X:\SSASDATA\abc.0.db\def 2.38.cub.xml’.

The message points to a specific xml file so I figure it’s a tool versioning issue or it smells like a corrupted file to me… To make a long story short here is how I resolved the issue:

1. Stopped the SSAS service

2. Renamed the offending cube database folder X:\SSASDATA\abc.0.db

3 Started the SSAS Service

4. Scripted the Cube database from the test environment (Create)

5. Deleted the Cube database in Development

6. Recreated the Cube Database

I could have also renamed or deleted the SSAS cube database folder and used an alter database script instead of the drop and create.


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