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Python vs SSIS

I am a long time MS BI stack evangelist, however recently I have been incorporating Python into my ETL arsenal. In several cases I have opted for python over SSIS. Python in combination with Dask and Panda can accomplish many if not all ETL tasks… And here’s why: Cost Python is a free and completely … Continue reading

How to fix System.OutOfMemoryException when using SSMS

Problem: When executing a query through SSMS you get a System.OutOfMemoryException error “An error occurred while executing batch. Error message is: Exception of type ‘System.OutOfMemoryException’ was thrown.” Solution: SSMS is a 32 bit process. It is limited to 2GB memory.When using Grid Mode there is a 64 kb limit per database field. If the result … Continue reading

SSIS 2016: Empty toolbox?

I recently upgraded several SSIS packages from VS2010 (SSIS 2008R2) to VS2015 (SSIS 2016). After the initial upgrade\conversion when I opened the package(s) I noticed that the Toolbox pane was empty, displaying a “There are no usable controls in this group.  Drag an item onto this text to add it to the toolbox.”.  What???  Where … Continue reading

Customizing SSRS Subscription Schedules

How frustrating is it when setting up an SSRS report subscription to be stuck with the standard  run times Daily, Hourly etc. With no options for adjusting or customizing the schedule to lets say just running during core business hours or exclude weekends etc. I have always found this to be a major shortcoming of … Continue reading