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Customizing SSRS Subscription Schedules

How frustrating is it when setting up an SSRS report subscription to be stuck with the standard  run times Daily, Hourly etc. With no options for adjusting or customizing the schedule to lets say just running during core business hours or exclude weekends etc. I have always found this to be a major shortcoming of … Continue reading

Understanding the SSIS Package Protection Level

One property of all SSIS packages that you must understand is the ProtectionLevel. This property tells SSIS how to handle sensitive information stored within your packages. Most commonly this is a password stored in a connection string. Why is this information important? If you don’t set the ProtectionLevel correctly, the package may become unusable. Other … Continue reading

Creating a Linked Server for Analysis Services

  To set up a linked server for Analysis Services, follow these steps: Connect to the Database Engine in Management Studio. Expand Server Objects, right-click Linked Servers, and click New Linked Server. Define a name for the linked server, and set the following options as shown in the screenshot below: Provider: Microsoft OLE DB Provider … Continue reading

SSAS: Errors in the metadata manager

Can not Open, Browse, Process, Rename or Delete a Cube and\or SSAS cube database Recently I had received notification from one of my developers that they could not process a cube after a deployment. So the first thing I tried to do is recreate the issue and tried to process the cube but no cubes … Continue reading