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T-SQL INT to Time

I recently made the wise or not so wise decision to convert all the TimeID columns in a new data warehouse project from Int  to Time data types. This was done because the ETL was going to calculate the UTC dates and times based on these values, which is obviously easier to do if they … Continue reading

Top 10 Best Practices for Building a Large Scale Relational Data Warehouse

    Top 10 Best Practices for Building a Large Scale Relational Data Warehouse Building a large scale relational data warehouse is a complex task. This blog post describes some design techniques that can help in architecting an efficient large scale relational data warehouse with SQL Server. Most large scale data warehouses use table and … Continue reading

What is ETL Mapping Document ?

In my travels I get questioned a lot regarding the importance of the ETL mapping document and do I have any good examples. Throughout my career I have developed many ETL mapping documents of various formats. I have taken a few minutes to outline the basics here. What is ETL Mapping Document :The ETL mapping … Continue reading

SSIS – Display Variable Value in a Script Task

Sooner or later, you will need to debug the variable values in your SSIS package when something is not working as expected. With SSIS you have many choices when it comes to debugging your variables, breakpoints, stepping over, stepping in, the local or watch windows, etc. However sometimes you just want a quick and simple … Continue reading