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SSIS – Display Variable Value in a Script Task

Sooner or later, you will need to debug the variable values in your SSIS package when something is not working as expected. With SSIS you have many choices when it comes to debugging your variables, breakpoints, stepping over, stepping in, the local or watch windows, etc. However sometimes you just want a quick and simple … Continue reading

SSIS: OleDB Data source: cannot retrieve the column code page info from the OLE DB provider

  When i tried to set an Informix data source in a SSIS package, the following warning was shown when the clicked preview button. Warning at {Local Component ID} [OLE DB Source [1]]: Cannot retrieve the column code page info from the OLE DB provider. If the component supports the “DefaultCodePage” property, the code page … Continue reading

SSIS with Informix\Oracle Oledb connection not working when a config file is included

I am running a SSIS package which has an Informix OLEDB Connection(32 bit). When I run from the Debug mode without the configuration file, the task completes successfully. But when I include the Informix OLEDB Connection in the config file and try to run the package, it fails with the following error. An OLE DB … Continue reading

How to Connect to Informix from an SSIS Package

Informix SSIS Configuration As with many 3rd party products IBM’s Informix OLEDB connection object is less then straight forward when it comes to configuring it to work with SSIS. After some digging I came up with the following way to connect to Informix database through SSIS in a Windows x64 environment. I had to go … Continue reading